Back Pain at My Family Doctor: Dr. Layne Hermansen

If you are experiencing excruciating joint, neck, or back pain call My Family Doctor: Dr. Layne Hermansen immediately so we may be able to provide you with the proper medical care that you need.

My Family Doctor breaks the pain cycle, muscle spasm and tension with trigger point injections in Draper, Utah. A trigger point is a concise area of knotted muscle that remains tense and aches and can pull your spine out of alignment.

Sometimes the trigger point knot adds pressure to nerves causing pain to radiate through the neck and back, and down the arms or legs. These tiny injections of anesthetic and a small amount of cortisone are so effective that many patient referrals come from other health providers, personal injury attorneys and “word-of-mouth testimonials” from patients.

Joint pain bothering you? A cortisone injection in Draper, Utah for shoulder pain, elbow pain, hip and knee pain could provide the relief you seek. Sometimes over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications are not enough.

A hurting joint needs to be evaluated by an injury rehabilitation and sport medicine specialist in Draper, Utah. Sometimes all that is needed is a small injection of cortisone into the joint, ligaments, tendons or bursa to decrease inflammation and pain.

Call today for an evaluation, treatment, and maybe an order for an MRI.



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