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Do you suffer from lingering pain? Are new auto injuries or the aftereffects of a past car accident still hurting you? We specialize in bringing you relief from muscle, neck, leg, shoulder, arm, and back pain. We work with most attorneys to help you overcome the pains from auto accident injuries in Draper, Utah. Treatment includes cutting edge pain relief technologies and medicine which include: Trigger point injections - takes away the painful muscle knots, Prescription medication - muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory pain medications, Spinal manipulations - restores range of motion, and Lumbar spine epidurals - for radiating pain down the leg

Patients come from all over the state of Utah to begin recovering from accident related pain. Our friendly staff and casual atmosphere is a real plus to help you feel comfortable. Call (801) 542-7111 for an appointment.  

Family Medicine Practice in Draper, Utah Helps You Stay Healthy!

If you have suffered from an auto accident injury, call us immediately and we will do proper examinations to make sure that your body is in good condition. If it seems to not be so, we attentively give you the help and procedures you need to recover quickly.

Medical providers at My Family Doctor are experienced at treating your primary care family medicine needs. Appointments are quickly scheduled. You may even be able to come in today. Call now and find health again!

My Family Doctor will help your family stay healthy. Patients are counseled on making healthy lifestyle choices to prevent serious problems later down the road. Preventative medicine is an important part of a healthy life. Call (801) 542-7111 for an appointment.

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